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Carswell Ref Support has advised me that the text of the repealed Alberta Rules of Court, Alta Reg 390/68, is now available on WestlawNext Canada. This also means that the archived Fradsham's commentary of the old rules in Litigator includes links to the text of the rule.


At the bottom of each section of this type, there is an editorial notice that states:

[Note: This section was repealed by Alta. Reg. 124/2010, r. 15.14(1). The text has been retained for your convenience.]




~Melissa Hathaway

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Information on the 2015 HeadStart program is now available. Check it out at under the HeadStart tab or at HeadStart 2015.

Ana San Miguel

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Letting you know about a problem (hopefully temporary) with this product:  the pdf you 'create' in order to print from this product will NOT include the information within a footnote.  The footnotes are not connected to ProView's print function.  In order to capture the text of a footnote, you need to open the footnote, highlight the text, right-click etc.  This would be required for EACH footnote.  If you have online only access to an eRef title, and need to provide copies from the title for court, what would you produce?  Would you submit a separate document of footnotes? 

The Carswell eReference ProView team are now aware of this problem, and it has "been escalated."

Sandi Madvid

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I had hoped to be able to use grab the Table of Contents pages posted in PDF at the book record in the Carswell catalogue, in order to make routing of Publisher Note and Release Note pages more efficient.  Why scan when we can pop them in from the Carswell catalogue?   I'll tell you why.

Because the  Table of Contents PDFs in the Carswell catalogue are only updated on an annual basis.  Too bad.  I found this out today and thought I would share.


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